Anti If School

No More If's! Only DIY!

There is no IF! Only DIY!

My friends, today is the day we declare our independence from the word IF! This world is full of variables and as a society we have become lazy, resigned to allowing other people decide our fates. iStock_000027686382_LargeThere’s no room for such discouragement or fatalism. I believe in us, and in our power to choose what will come of us! That’s why I started the Anti If School! Here we study how to not only hope for and dream of better things, but how to set goals and make them happen! There is no reason why your dream of an upgraded kitchen shouldn’t happen! With a good goal set and the motivation to follow through ‘IF’ is removed from the equation. Let Anti-IF School help you learn how to follow the wisdom of Yoda “Do or do not there is no IF.”

Setting Goals and DIY

DIY is amazing and empowering because it removes variables and pins down what you can accomplish under your own power. No matter how big your dreams are we’re positive that with time and smart goal setting you can accomplish it. Anyone who has succeeded in life did so through hard work and planning. No one just happens onto success! SO, if you don’t want to base your life around the big IF, then you need to start setting goals.

How Anti-IF Philosophy Works

Choose to eliminate IFs and focus on things that you can control. Here’s an example: “Ten percent of my income every month is going to go into my renovation fund” vs “IFFFFF this bonus comes through then I’ll put that toward such and such renovation.” One of these goals is going to guarantee the project happens, the other one is waiting around and hoping that some higher power drops the budget in their lap.

iStock_000020623594_LargeBegin by being smart with your goal setting. This requires planning and careful budgeting. Consider what it will take to accomplish the goal of renovation. You don’t just need a concept or design; you need a design, the materials, a tool box and quality multi-purpose ladder, the man power, training or trained individual, and TIME. The beauty of DIY is that all of this is possible and right at your fingertips! When you know what you need you can plan how you’re going to get it. Set goals for each step: how you’re going to save the money, how you’re going to get the materials and tools, who you’re going to use to do your renovation. With the Anti-If philosophy behind you there’s nothing stopping you from achieving what you dream of!

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